Auscap Asset Management Limited Account Application


Please ensure that you have read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund (Fund), which contains important information about investing in the Fund. You can access the Fund’s PDS here and the Investor forms here, or by calling Auscap Asset Management Limited (Auscap) on +61 8378 0800.

You must have received this Application Form and the PDS in Australia or New Zealand. We will not accept an application from a person whom we believe received these outside of Australia or New Zealand.

This application allows you to establish a new account with Auscap, the responsible entity of the Fund. Only use this online form if you are new to the Fund.

For existing investors seeking to make an additional investment in the Fund, please use the Additional Application form found here.

For Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) select ‘Trust or Superannuation Fund’ and the relevant Trustee type.
This application allows you to establish an account with Auscap Asset Management Limited.

To begin, please select your account type and click the "Next" button.
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